Cost-Effective Electric Underfloor Heating

Electric underfloor Heating Solutions

Electric underfloor heating is sometimes considered to be expensive. However, with the right choice of products and controls, it can in fact be a very cost-effective way to heat living environments.

This is due to the way that electric heating systems distribute the heat. They are controlled very easily with modern thermostats and they are very quick to change the environment temperature.

The electric underfloor heating products can be installed under a wide variety of flooring surfaces such as tile, laminate, carpet, wood and even outdoors under pavior, concrete and asphalt. Some products are simple enough to install without professional assistance.

What Is Radiant Heat?

Radiant heat is a unique transfer of energy that naturally searches out colder objects to warm. Radiant heating systems can be installed in the floor or ceiling and work in the same way. Radiant heat is in the form of energy waves. Instead of heating the air, these waves heat the surface of objects or people in the room. These surfaces include walls, windows, floors and ceilings. These surfaces then gently warm the surrounding air creating a more natural warmth with minimum floor to ceiling temperature variation compared to a traditional convective warm water central heating system.

Efficient & Clean

Traditional central heating systems work by air passing over warm water radiators. This creates convective warm air currents as warm air rises and cold air falls due to differences in their density. This creates a temperature differential in the room with the ceiling space being heated first. This leads to a “hot head / cold feet” syndrome and a stuffy environment.

By contrast, radiant heat is the most efficient form of heat distribution available. The objects in the room are heated first and they then gently warm the surrounding air. This means that the air temperatures can be lowered in the room whilst still maintaining comfort levels, resulting in a reduction in heating bills. As the air does not circulate there are no draughts created. Dust is not circulated in the room which brings higher comfort levels not only to allergy suffers but to everyone in the room. There is a more even vertical heat distribution throughout the room which is far closer to the ideal distribution.

Designed For Living

Radiant heating systems in the form of underfloor heating or ceiling heating are completely invisible and quiet in operation. Conventional warm water radiators do not contribute to the aesthetics of a room and influence room design. Installing a radiant floor or ceiling heating system completely invisible and unobtrusive, allows more flexibility in creating the perfect living environment.

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