Five Home Security Tips For Everyone

Are you overwhelmed with the number of home security tips out there? Yes, they could be from many different sources and following all of them may not be an appropriate thing to do. For you not to be confused and simply choose the ones that will work for your unique security needs, read below the five of the best tips which have been proven helpful to home owners worldwide.

1) Keep doors and windows locked – Open points of entrance would not give thieves the challenge to break in your house, steal whatever they can and leave with ease. This can particularly happen when you are out to work or gone for a couple of days for a vacation. Even if you feel that you have a very safe neighborhood, do not disregard the importance of having locked doors and windows. The safety of your properties starts from there.

2) Stay well-lighted in the night – This is one of the home security tips which most home owners choose not to practice because of the electricity costs that come with it. Darkness is the best friend of thieves because it perfectly covers their ill doings. If you do not do anything about particularly in the night, your house will be a favorite target of thieves. Apart from installing the useful light lamps for the outside parts of your house, ask about the installation of motion sensor lights which can track and focus any activity happening at your entrance points.

3) Install an alarm system – Alarm devices are effective in informing the home owners, the neighbors and the authorities any form of danger that could be happening at an instant. Any forceful move can be quickly detected by alarm devices. To get the most out of these gadgets, include in your list of home safety rules the turning on of the alarm system at all times. Their installation would be useless if they are turned off more often.

4) Fortify your external doors – Fortify your external doors with the use of deadbolts. They could be an additional expense but they are key in giving maximum strength to your exterior doors particularly when they are being kicked. Make sure to choose deadbolts that are at least an inch thick. Scout for the best brands that are available in the market as you can rely on their quality and the type of service they provide.

5) Do not leave your keys in obvious spots – Most home security tips include this up to now because most people seem to have not learned from this mistake. Thieves know for a fact that keys are either placed inside mail boxes or under doormats. In truth, they also know that your keys can be hidden or planted in one of the flower pots you have outside. If you want your keys to be hidden perfectly, cover them up with a cloth, foil or what have you. Then, place it inside the house of your four-legged best friend.

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