Good Reasons To Put in Keypad Access For Your Garage Door

It is becoming increasingly common for people to use keypad access to open their garage door. Keypad access allows you to open, close and lock your garage door by entering a code that is known only to yourself. It is in fact so popular that most newly build homes have them installed as standard. However, older properties do not, and home owners are now considering upgrading their existing systems to keypad access. If you are thinking about installing keypad access yourself, you must have an understanding of the pros and cons first. After all, you may find that something may be very popular, but that it does not suit your needs in any way. Let’s review the pros and cons.

Most people would say that a keypad’s greatest advantage is that it is so easy to use. All you need to do in order to open or close the door is enter the code. This is much easier than the old fashioned pulling and pushing on doors and knobs in order to open the door. This is a particularly important advantage for those who are getting older, or those who have any kind of physical impairment. Secondly, keypad access is incredibly low maintenance. All that the system requires is the occasional change of battery. Then, there is the fact that you can use keypad access as a backup. For instance, if you usually use a remote, but you lose it or the batteries run out, you can simply use the keypad instead. At the very least, this means there is no more need to frantically search the house for your keys, remote or battery anymore, only to find they were in the fridge! Last but not least, these systems offer great security. Only those who know the code – i.e. you – should be able to get into the property.

However, you also have to think about the drawbacks of this system. The first one is that codes can be broken. Really determined criminals will be able to get in if they put their mind to it. Secondly, if there is a power outage, you are stuck. Indeed, the keypad only requires a battery, but the mechanism itself requires full electric power. Last but not least, there is the price. Unfortunately, although the exact price can only be determined depending on the brand of keypad you want and how much work has to be done on your existing system, the price will always be quite high. Unfortunately, this is often more than most people are able to afford.