Do Houses Utilizing Activated Home Alarm Monitoring Actually Have Fewer Break-Ins And Thefts?

A person’s home is their personal castle; a sanctuary for the whole family which is why homeowners go to great lengths to safeguard their property and everything else in it at all times. And among the best ways to protect this castle is to install more than sufficient home security systems. Did you know that in 2003 alone, there were about 14 million cases of property theft listed and in 83% of these crimes, thieves were able to get inside the homes to steal property this means you have to understand the importance of having sufficient security systems in place. Any thief would think twice about stealing and entering your property if the area suddenly fills with light when he tries to approach your home. The reason is people with home security systems are less likely to file claims for lost property; more so if the home owner post signs that they have active security systems in place.

So if you plan to invest in a home security system, it is best to spend your money on a monitored security system. Meaning your entire family can leave the house for several days at a time without having to worry about the security of the house and, if you invest in such a system, can even monitor the state of the home through the use of wireless cameras and the internet. It is important that your house looks like someone’s at home even if you are on vacation: choose random timer settings for lights, television, radios to deter any thieves that are trying to look for a pattern and get the idea that you are remotely controlling the lights and appliances in your home.

These monitoring companies also advise that you use window signs or posts that the property is protected by a security system so property owners get to deter thieves from attempting to burglarize the house.

But would spending this much money on a home security system be really enough to deter thieves? If you are trying to avoid spending a lot of money on sophisticated alarm systems, there are a handful of tips that can help you deter thieves or home invaders. Budget home security tip number one is to understand that a thief would not go walking around looking like a thief: he can look like a gardener, a pizza delivery guy, someone from the electric company doing “routine checks” – he can be anyone and you should not let your guard down. You’d be surprised at how much even a real-looking, fake CCTV camera with a blinking red light on it works as a deterrent against thieves so if you’re on a budget, you can pass up on the thousand-dollar alternatives.