Interior: Squeaking Doors: What To Do About Them

Squeaky doors and hinges are not just annoying to your family, but to your neighbors as well. And if these squeaky hinges are not attended to right away, this can cause damage on the entire door and will cost you a lot of money to fix later on. Make sure that you are going to fix squeaky doors and hinges right away to prevent the squeaking from getting worse and cause more damage on the door. And the solution is a few squirts of oil on the hinges for a quick fix. This quick fix is something that you can do on your own. Taking the time to check out a number of tips can help you get the job done and save you a lot of money.

First, you need to determine what hinge is making that squeaking noise. After determining which hinge needs fixing, you can just unscrew the hinge from the door. You then need to take the hinges apart by pulling the pin out from the center of the pin. After you have put a few drops of oil on the hinge, you can swing the door back and forth to better distribute the oil on the entire hinge. After you have scrubbed the rust and dust off the pin, you can rub soap on the length of the pin. If you have natural soap, you can use it to rub on the pin or you can use any other type of unscented soap. You can also put in a few drops on vegetable oil on the pin. You can then screw the hinge back on the door and swing it back and forth a few times to be sure the squeaking is gone.

There is however, no need to remove the hinge when you re-apply the vegetable oil. You then need to put back the hinge and screw it back on tightly. You have to swing the door back and forth to get the oil fully into the hinges and to check if the hinges are still squeaking. Check if the screws are put on tightly to avoid any damage to door or the hinges. You also need to ask if the carpenter can recommend a different type of hinge that you can put on the door to be sure that there won’t be any more noise coming from the hinges and make sure you tell him if you have budget limits.