Major Mistakes People Make When Staining The Wooden Fence

The majority of people with a home with a garden also have a fence. A fence is generally made out of wood, which means maintenance is regularly required. Hence, you will regularly have to stain your fence. But what are some of the mistakes homeowners make when staining? The first and biggest mistake is not staining the fence regularly enough. Knowing how often staining is required depends on the wood used in your fence and the environmental factors associated with your geographical area, and you need to look into both of these things. A second problem is when homeowners don’t look into the law or into their neighbors feelings. In many states and counties, laws regulate the color that fences can be. You also have to consider the opinion of your neighbors in terms of keeping the peace, and in terms of the fact that at least one part of your fence belongs to your neighbors.

Staining itself can also cause numerous problems. It is very easy to make a color mistake. Because we often swap brands for price purposes, we often end up using different types of stain on our fences. They may look totally similar on the tin, but when applied the differences become apparent. If you only intended to stain a few panels, then you can see how this may become a problem. Also, because the bottom coat and the top coat are different, the end result when dry is completely different once again. To avoid this, you have to always purchase the same brand, or at the very least keep a little behind so you can have an exact copy mixed.

A final problem is blotchy stains. Once the fence starts to age, it becomes harder and harder to avoid this problem. When you stain a fence, it highlights the various cracks, warped areas and chips, and it is hard to avoid this. The only way to avoid at least some of this is to sand your fence down completely before you apply your coat of stain. The downside of this is that it is highly time consuming, which is why we tend to just skip it. Some of us then kid ourselves by saying that the fence looks more rustic this way and leave it alone. When homeowners stain their fences, these are some of the biggest mistakes they make. Clearly, before you start this job, you must do your research so you know how to avoid these mistakes and many others. The reality is that an ugly fence makes the entire property look ugly.