Make Sure Your HVAC Is Tuned Up To Save Money When Summer Comes

Many people will soon switch their air conditioners on again, as the temperatures are set to rise. However, don’t switch your air conditioner on until you have done a few things first. First, change the filter. This is an easy thing to do with big consequences, as it will stop your unit from breaking down. Also, make sure you know how often you are supposed to change the filter when it is in use. Usually, once every 3 months is the bare minimum.

A second thing is to get a tune up done. Make sure you hire a qualified contractor for this. Doing this will prevent problems from occurring later one. A tune up will fix minor issues that can become major problems if not taken care of. During a tune up, you can expect your engineer to test all the electrical components, check the refrigerant pressure and clean all the coils. Doing so will create a more efficient, and therefore cheaper, air conditioner. Additionally, tuning up an air conditioning unit is very affordable, whereas repairs are incredibly expensive.

When it comes to arranging your tune up, you must pick a reputable company. You must, therefore, spend some time researching the different companies, particularly if you haven’t used them to do a tune up before. In order to check the various companies, use ratings at the BBB (Better Business Bureau), online customer reviews and your state’s registrar of contractors. You should always look for the business that gives you the best value for money, which isn’t necessarily the cheapest. After the tuning, you should switch your air con on and leave it on. There is no truth in the belief that switching it off when you’re out saves money. Switching off your unit means that your house can warm up, and it will be very difficult for your air conditioner to cool it back down afterwards. Not only does this mean using more energy, it also means that your unit is more likely to break down because it works too hard. Do remember that repairing an air conditioning unit is hugely expensive, above and beyond the cost of running it permanently. Do make sure you have a good thermostat installed, so that your air conditioning just keeps the temperature stable. Your engineer should also check the thermostat is fully operational when he or she does you tune up. Tuning up your air conditioning unit once a year will always mean you will save money during the summer.