How to Prevent Wooden Fence Posts from Rotting

Rot is the number one enemy of wooden paling fences, including the posts. Fortunately there are several things you can do to prevent your wooden posts from rotting. Check out the following tips.

1. Use the right materials. Using good timber for fencing can help your posts and your fence as a whole to last longer. Here are some of the good timbers commonly used for fencing.

Pine: Pressure treated pine are highly resistant to subterranean termites. Besides from treating the pine, it is also ideal to coat your timber with water repellent stain to extend its life.

Cypress: It has Cypretine, a natural chemical that helps the Cypress be rot- and insect-resistant. This is a superior wood which is known for its hardness, colour consistency, and density.

Spruce: Untreated spruce fences as well as cross rails are commonly used in 8×6 or 4×6 foot sections for stockade or picket fence. These are installed in between fence posts that are pressure treated. You can get these at your hardware store.

Red Wood and Cedar: These two are the best timber for fencing both inside and around your home. They are noted for their elegant beauty, longevity, hardness, and their very high resistance to weather and borers. But because the demand for these types of timber is high, they are expensive as well.

2. Install your posts properly. To achieve best results, you should set your corner posts in concrete. Do the same with the post on the hinge side of your gate. This is also done to provide your paling fence with maximum stability. If your fence is more than four feet high, you must use concrete (with a minimum of two feet into the ground) on every three posts and the remainder holes must be filled with sand and pea gravel. This will let water drain away from your posts which will consequently make them last for many years. Pouring a concrete “dome” at the level of the ground on all your posts is another great way to keep them from being soaked in water and rot quickly.

3. You can also use creosote or old sump oil to soak the base of your posts and the planks that touch the surface of the ground.

4. Make sure you schedule occasional maintenance for your timber fence. Treating the holes for your posts with insecticide (if you would prefer not to use concrete) will also help prevent rotting.

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