Reasons Why Renew Crew Is Your Best Choice For Outside Wood Washing

While most home owners are used to spring cleaning their houses, log home owners understand very well that they own a house that needs attention the entire year. You need to pay a lot of attention when it comes to caring for and cleaning wood decks, porches or even entire log homes. This is why there are a lot of log home owners that choose to hire the services and expertise of professional wood cleaning and maintenance service providers. And service providers such as Renew Crew with their three-step cleaning process is the best in the industry. Cleaning log homes, wood decks or patios is a very important part of “winterizing” your house. So prior to hiring companies such as Renew Crew to clean or maintain your log home, it would help if you can look into the process they follow. This can help you decide if you would want to hire the services of these companies.

The first thing that Renew Crew does is they apply foam wash on the surface of the wood so they can soak wood fibers that trap mildew and dirt. This is an important part of cleaning wood surfaces since any damage on the wood fibers can be very problematic to fix unfortunately, these are problems that most people and even cleaning companies do not notice. Renew Crew also do not use chlorine in their cleaning solutions unlike most cleaning companies as chlorine damages wood fibers; the company uses a non-abrasive solution that not only removes dirt and mildew from wood fibers but also works at stopping the bleaching effect and chemical breakdown on the wood’s surface. After the foam has emulsified into the wood, the next thing that Renew Crew is to pressure wash the surface of the wood. This pressure wash efficiently rinses away dirt and mildew on the surface of the wood. The great thing about the pressure washers Renew Crew uses is it can be adjusted to appropriate levels of pressure in order to clean efficiently without damaging the wood unlike conventional pressure washers.

The last step is the application of Renew Crew’s exclusive wood sealants that also is formulated to protect the surface of the wood from harmful UV rays. This would prevent the wood from looking old or worn that is caused by sun damage. And because the sealant acts as a protective barrier against dust, mildew and mold, this means you only need to have fewer cleanings as maintenance. It is important that you pay close attention to how your log home or wood decks are cleaned and maintained, the very reason you should only hire companies you can trust. As such, hiring only companies that have an excellent track record like Renew Crew is imperative.