Should I Steer Clear of Using A Pressure Washer On My Wooden Deck?

If you have decking, you should never come near it with a pressure washer. It is a shame that a large proportion of people actually are not aware of this. They believe that pressure washing companies your deck must be ok since companies come knocking on your door to do it. The fact that they use young, good looking college children to do the work for you doesn’t help either. However, you have to remember that they are companies and companies are about making money. If that means being deceitful to some degree, they usually will. So, next time you see one of the trucks that advertise your deck, siding, patios, roofs or siding can be cleaned, do not take note of the phone number and simply move away. Also, you have to realize that the damage caused by pressure washing will get worse on an older deck. 1 of the biggest issues is that both commercial companies and private individuals set the pressure on their washers much too high. However, low pressure can be just as damaging to decks.

When using pressure washers, loose material is blasted out of surfaces. What you will be left with, however, is gaps with splinters. Some of the dirt that was there actually held these gaps together. Removing this means they can open up and that they can be damaged by the sun, rain and other elements. Furthermore, by pressure washing, the wood’s natural oils get taken out too. Even if you use a sealant on your decking, the natural oil will not be replaced. Also, because the wood dries quickly, it will start to cup and warp. As soon as the wood starts to expand, it will begin to loosen the nails, allowing water to go through it.

Is there any alternative available? Visit the internet and various outdoor stores to look for a gentle cleaner. Make sure they do not contain acid or caustic lye. Also, if the product states it is bad for pets, children or water features, you don’t want it either. Try to find a company that creates both cleansers and sealants that do not contain any toxins. You can use an oxygen cleanser for a deep clean. The pecarbonate in these cleansers is safe for wood. It also isn’t dangerous for pets, kids or the plants in your garden. After cleaning, always seal your deck. If you don’t, the UV rays will start to destroy the wood. Always pick a sealant that protects against both water and UV damage.