Things To Consider When Selecting A Walk-in Bathtub

A walk-in tub enables people to walk into their bathtub before having a nice relaxing soak. It is hard to give an indication of prices of walk-in tub, because they can come with a huge range of different features. It is specifically for this reason that you should never purchase a walk-in tub by only looking at the price. What you do have to consider, however, is that a walk-in tub’s primary function is to stop people from falling. If you were to consider how much a fall can cost, then the price of a walk-in tub is generally not so expensive at all. You do, however, have to make sure it meets your needs. Think about the following things to help you make that decision.

The first thing to consider is whether you want to go framed or non-framed. Framed versions use a steel frame, suspending the bottom of the tub off the floor. Instead, in a frameless design a single, super strong mold holds everything together. The main consideration between these two is weight. Think about whether it is a good idea to suspend the weight of the water and of yourself off the floor. Next you need to think about whether you want an acrylic or a fiberglass design. Acrylic is not as strong, unfortunately, but it does cost a lot less. You then have to think of features, in particular whether you have a hydrotherapy tub. A true hydrotherapy tub uses both air and water jets, offering various amazing health benefits. However, a hydrotherapy tub has various electronic components inside of it, and it requires specialized cleaning as well. Unfortunately, if you also want a walk-in tub, you will have a much narrower range of options to choose from.

Also, look into how long it will take you to drain the bath. Very often, the drain height doesn’t get changed when you install a walk-in tub, which means it can take a long time for the bath to drain. With a few additional features, however, you could drain your bath in as little as two minutes. This is important, as you will have to remain in the bath while it drains. The last things you have to consider are the practicalities of the tub. Firstly, study the warranty so that you truly understand what is and isn’t covered. For instance, does it only cover the walk-in, or also the bath elements that were already there? Also consider how long your warranty will be valid. Also think about installation – can you or a friend do it yourself, or do you need the company to install it? It is generally cheaper to do it yourself, but this may void the warranty.